Friday, October 03, 2008

Fall is also called Autumn

Well, I have made soup, my toes are a little cold and my house is decorated in harvest/halloween!! It must be fall. I seriously love this time of year, it is a welcome respite after the rush and heat of summer. The (now) quiet afternoons, the chill in the air that makes my kids actually get a jacket without being told, and the calm it seems to bring to my soul: I am grateful for all of these.

The seasons have always been a reflection of God's love and grace to me. First, the beauty and power in creation. The new life of spring, the vibrance of summer, the stillness of fall, the hibernation and waiting of winter. Each season has its own beauty and if you watch for it, there is reason to stand in awe and thanks for the gifts each will bring. Second, there is the message. It is so easy to draw comparisons to our lives, our faith and our moods from these seasons; it is almost too simple. Sometimes we are bursting with joy, sometimes we are waiting out our own personal winter. We find time to gather our harvest and bring family together. To me, the change of season means a time to refocus on my faith and Autumn is the best time for me to do that, with a return to schedule, to quiet time with kids in school, to knitting and cooking and baking-all with a heart of gratitude.

And, I like decorating my dining room for the "harvest"!!