Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Wegmans and Knoebels

Last week, we were on what I begrudgingly called "facation" because my husband had a week off and we weren't going "anywhere" (hence the witty combination of fake and vacation.  I was pleasantly surprised, however, when the week was more fun than I had anticipated and we were able to pack a few day trips into it! 

Our first trip combined two of my favorite places:  Wegmans and Knoebels.  If you don't have a Wegmans near you, I truly feel sorry for you.  I have always loved grocery stores, and this one is so much more than a grocery store.  What I hadn't realized is that they sell discount tickets to all kinds of cool and amazing attractions-though a good many of them are in upstate New York where the company is headquartered.  Through their "That's the ticket" program, we were able to get Knoebels' all day wristband tickets for our kids for a discount of $4 each. 

Now, on to Knoebels.  If you have never been there, it's almost hard to describe.  The park grew slowly out of a campground and has an old fashioned feel.  There is no admission fee to go into the park, which is great for me because I am the biggest ride wimp in the universe.  On this trip, I rode the train, the whip and... okay, that's it.  Just those two. 

During the week, there is the option to get an all you can ride wristband, which for our kids was $20.50 for my older two and $16.50 for my youngest (who is still under 48").  We bought ride tickets for my husband and me (mostly him as I mentioned earlier) which brought the entire cost for the day of rides to about $100-for our family of 5!!! 

The food there is also just incredible-affordable and really good.  We ate lunch at the international food court for about $25 and then dinner was pizza for (again!) $25.  Other years, we have "camped" there (meaning in a cabin) and that is fun, too. 

All in all, our first day trip of facation was a huge success, even if we did get home at almost 1am and not get up till late, late the next day! 

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Smita Srivastava said...

O i'm jus in love with the Lego minifigs - these r so cute !!!! I was always scared to use my fish shaped ice cube tray for chocolates but ur experiment has motivated me to try my hands on it too ....

Seems we share a passion for cute food ... Do sneak a peek at my foody creations wen time permits !!

- Smita