Monday, November 15, 2010

Sneak Peek at the kitchen re-do

I have been hesitant (or lazy, you choose) to post photos of our kitchen renovation because we aren't quite finished.  Doing all the work ourselves has been awesome, humbling, frustrating and ultimately very rewarding.  Of course, if the budget had allowed, we  might have considered hiring someone, but I doubt it. 

This remodel technically did start with outside help last winter when we had the kitchen roof replaced, demolished the ceiling (that's the part we did-you can see the damage here) and our contractor basically rebuilt our ceiling so that it's vaulted.  I sort of hesitate to use the word vaulted because it's a really small kitchen, but there it is. 

Fast forward to this September and the project picked up some momentum again.  I spent several weeks painting cabinets, staining countertops and generally losing my mind.  This last week, with the finish line clearly in sight, we tackled a small project and the results are amazing. 

Here is the space we started with (before renovation)  And, yes, that is one pink countertop tucked underneath the other-don't ask:

Yep, pretty bad, all things considered.  After new counters, painted cabinets and a lot of work, it looked like this:

Much better, even with the glare.  There's something about not having pink countertops anymore that just makes me happy. 

I could never figure out why there was a big open space next to that cabinet, but maybe it was because of the configuration of the old countertops?  It would be hard to reach there over that L shaped pink structure that was there before. 

We purchased a sheet of MDF, which I had never worked with before.  It's actually pretty amazing and if you are painting it-a perfect material for a few small shelves.  We were lucky enough to already have shelf brackets on hand that we had picked up at our local builder's surplus store so it was just a matter of elbow grease to get this done. 

First, we measured; next my husband cut the MDF to the right size for the shelves we wanted. 

A few coats of the same paint that I used on the upper cabinets on the sink wall (Minced Onion by Benjamin Moore) and the shelves were ready to go in.  Leveling things in an old house, and especially this section of our house can be tough.  This section of our kitchen used to be a porch and has a decided slant to it, so it's definitely a bit of a challenge. 

My husband installed the brackets:

And, then the shelves finished off the whole thing:

It's kind of hard to believe it's the same space, but it is!  Here's a side by side of the very before and after:

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Rosie Goins said...

Wow. What a difference. When I saw you name, I did a double take and said I didn't post this week. Then I looked closer. Hello, Rosie from another Rosie.

Anonymous said...

That looks wonderful!! What a great use if the space.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Your makeover looks what you have done.


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gail said...

wow! great job! You're lucky you're a "we" I've done all this work by myself. And my kitchen is huge.. well I never thought so until I started painting 20 cabinet doors and 10 drawer fronts!

wondering what kind of counter top that is?
the shelves above are wonderful!

rosie said...

Thanks for the sweet comments, everyone-I truly know the meaning of LABOR of love now that we are almost at the end of the project!

@rosie-I am always surprised to see another "rosie" anywhere and often do a double take as well.

@gail-the countertops are butcher block from IKEA. I know what you mean-my kitchen is far from huge but I had over 40 cabinets and drawers to paint and it was tedious. The other half of my "we" is good for muscle and cutting things, not so much for the painting! thanks for stopping by!

5:07 PM

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

It's very nice! I love when there is a sense of accomplishment in projects that are done by one self. I bet you walk in there all the time just to admire it!

Ann said...

So good! I love the way the open shelves look. Love the color of the cabinets too!