Thursday, November 18, 2010

Too early for Christmas decorating??

Ever since the kitchen went from disaster area to nearly completed, I have been DYING to put some decorative stuff in there.  Obviously, it's not Thanksgiving yet and we are having some family here for Turkey Day, so it's still a little too early for Christmas stuff, right??  right???  I really want to pull out some of my pretty red decorations and put them in my pretty "edgecomb gray" kitchen.  Somehow, I think all my decorations will look nicer this year, without the backdrop of pink and too bright green (the green was my fault, to be honest).

But, I am showing restraint.  Waiting, however impatiently, one more week-to put out lovelies like this one:

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Jen Adair said...

Not too early at all! :) We just put up our garland, wreath and tree las night so we are on board!

JEn@Opal Never Shouts