Wednesday, January 12, 2011

American Girl Farmhouse Bed from Knock-off Wood

Okay, you have to forgive me for one more Christmas post and a title that may generate so much traffic that my little old blog on the edge of the internet crashes and burns.  But, the title fits and I can't go any further into January without showing you the AMAZING bed my husband and son made for my younger daughter for Christmas. 

I am a big (big, big) fan of Knock-off-wood along with just about the entire universe or at least the thousands of facebook fans who ardently follow her every furniture plan.  I have big plans to actually build some of those plans one of these days, but this Christmas it was my husband and my 6 year old son who jumped in and got the job done.  I didn't get the action shots of them working on it, but here is the end result:

I very inexpertly made the bedding for it.  I have less than minimal sewing knowledge and skills, so it was kind of an interesting morning when I decided I wanted to make a "quilt" for this little bed.  I ended up getting some flannel fabric in a cute print and doubling it over, making kind of a pillow out of it by sewing up the edges.  Then, I stuffed it with a little batting and just sewed in random patterns all over it. 

So, now, it kind of has the look of a quilt-at least the dolls aren't complaining!  If you want to find the plans for the bed, just visit Ana's site.  I will warn you, however, that you will want to make every single thing on her website. 

Here is just one more picture of the bed because, seriously, it's too cute:

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Anonymous said...

AWE this bed is wonderful. I love the blanket too. You know this is a memory that she will never forget.

Mary said...

That's so awesome!!

DianeScraps said...

Love it!!!

Amy said...

Love it! Isn't great that your kids can Help with the build. My Husband and I just built the Farmhouse Toddler Bed. Our Toddler helped! So cool!
Love the bedding BTW!