Saturday, May 26, 2007

a few thing i've learned

  1. I had 3 bottles of nail polish remover, all in the kitchen
  2. I also had no less than 200 cupcake papers, but every time I make cupcakes, I can't find them and buy more
  3. you can actually pack up six years of living in a little over a week
  4. i can live without tv, but not without internet
  5. a lot of things expired before i had a chance to use them
  6. the end of something-even something you wished would end-is always a little sad in its own way
  7. if you feed kids enough junk food, they will get really excited about grapes and apples
  8. it's possible to lose weight while eating crap if you don't sit down for 3 days straight
  9. I also had 3 stovetop espresso makers
  10. 5 people have a lot of stuff!!!

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