Wednesday, June 06, 2007

just one home now

Well, we did it. We moved. It doesn't seem real except for the fact that now life is settling in. We only have one place to live-no more "vacation home" as the kids called it for a while. School is wrapping up nicely and I am in full swing VBS mode as well as trying to get the house painted so that we can attempt to refinish our floors sometime in the near future. I miss having furniture in my living room a little more than I expected to.

the kids are settling in nicely-only Julianna still misses the old house, but that's just her nature. I found out from our old neighbor yesterday that my landlord ripped out the carpet (which, incidentally was like 100 years old) from the old place and my dreams of a returned security deposit have begun to wane.

I am so anxious to get the dining room and living room livable! At the same time, I feel really nervous about making decisions-it's weird! I need to pick out wallpaper for the dining room and paint for the living room and upstairs hallway before I can really get started. more pictures soon, I have to remember to bring the digital camera down and upload the photos.

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mimihughes said...

Rosie, hope all is going well with the move. Miss seeing you.
BTW, you've been tagged.
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