Friday, September 28, 2007

going green

so, this week as I was putting my groceries away and just generally cleaning up the kitchen, it struck me. We, as a family, generate a TON of trash. A ton. Maybe I have been watching too much "living with Ed" or maybe I am just starting to realize that so much waste just can't be good, but something needs to change.
I am going to spend some time this weekend (you know, my spare time) to come up with 5 concrete things for our family to "go green" and really reduce the amount of trash we make. I have a sneaky suspicion that part of that idea will involve more cooking for me so that we can eliminate some of the packaged foods (like snack foods for the kids' lunches). I think I will also go old school and get my kids some thermoses for their lunchboxes-thereby eliminating the dreaded juice box.
Anyway, that's my goal.

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Rachael said...

It is crazy how much trash we generate!! I applaud you for your new search to go green!! I think I may have to do that too!!