Friday, September 21, 2007

have you seen this???

As if I don't feel old enough with my ten year old daughter being only about 2 inches shorter than me. American Girl, a company I have supported financially for years now, comes out with their new HISTORICAL DOLL!!! So, this one is from the 70's and she is HISTORY!!!! Wow, nothing like that to make you feel old.
Basically, though, it got me thinking about how much things have changed since I was born in the seventies. I am going to work on a whole list of them and hopefully make it part of a scrapbook that will include pictures of me from when I was a kid.
So far, I have these: When I was a kid
Everyone smoked
My dad had big sideburns and wide leg pants
my mom set her hair in rollers every morning using a little tabletop mirror in the kitchen
Our house and our car were not air-conditioned
I had a record player that was a pink suitcase
we wore corsages to church for holidays
our family had only one car

I will keep adding to these-I would love to hear others!


Leslie said...

I check in on your blog every so often and I love the here are a few of mine....
everybody had a station wagons
we played in the woods
safety was never an issue...we banged caps on the sidewalk, we hung out of the back window of our station wagons and we walked all over town
leisure suits
our moms drank and smoked while they were pregnant with us and we turned out just
I wore white gloves to church
and familes were just families...nobody was given the tag of dysfunctional

Rachael said...

Yeah, I feel old!! LOL

We had to crank our car windows down!! LOL

No carseats!

I will have to think more!! wow!

Andi said...

I posted to this last week and it isn't here! Wahhh....

Anyway...My daughter is seriously going to want this doll...just for the coolclothes. Not so sure I am so thrilled with her "Story" - but I guess in this day and age...

I had said last week that Station wagons were cool - we had a Chevy Malibu with wood paneled sides...and you could sit facing backwards in the back wtihout a seat belt. You also kept them til the wheels fell off.

Also road in the back of our dad's pickup.

Bikes had banana seats, and baskets.

Chatty Cathy - need I say more?

Holly Hobby was COOL!
We went to the drive in all the time.

Andi said...

You still have me thinking about this!! LOL!!

I was thinking last night....there were very FEW fast food places...we had one here in Boyertown, and that was a special trip out. No pizza joint on every corner. No nachoes. No mocha lattes (the horrors!)
We ate at home, nearly every meal , every day!