Monday, April 05, 2010

I live in zone 6....I live in zone 6

but today has me wondering.  It is a toasty 80 degrees right now, on April 5th.  I feel like I should be out in the garden, weeding, planting, something.  But, I do actually live in zone 6 and it's way too early for it to be this warm, or to really start planting anything of substance.  After all, we could actually still have frost, though it seems more than a little unlikely.  The temperatures around here are going to stay up in the 80's till about Thursday, then go back down to what will feel like a chilly 59! 

In the meantime, I will share some gorgeous pansies from one of my two very favorite places to buy plants. These beauties are from Renninger's Farm

What says spring better than pansies?  I actually love pansies-they are so bold and seem to really not care that winter might try to show up again.    Here are some more lovelies:

One (actually two) of the reasons my kids love to go to Renninger's with me are these guys

and this one:

I love the sign near the pig-pen.  Basically, it says to keep your fingers out because fingers look like tasty pretzels!  That's some good advice, especially when the owners of Renninger's give out baskets of pretzels for you to feed the pigs. 

Lastly, my son had his own personal chicken following him around the other day when we stopped in:

So, I will keep reminding myself all week that it's not time to plant yet, it's not time to plant yet...  even if it feels like June! 

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Mel said...

Great pics Rosie. What kind of camera do you have?