Tuesday, April 27, 2010

time for a little makeover

We are still very much in the process of furnishing this house, nearly three years after signing away our money, time and quite possibly our sanity to purchase it.  When we moved here, we didn't even have to rent a truck, party because we only moved 1.3 miles and partly because I was bound and determined to leave all the hand-me-down and unwanted furniture behind.  My theory was that if we didn't bring it, we would be more likely to replace it.  The proof of exactly that is the futon that still lives in my basement, but that's a tale of woe for another day.

Today, I am turning my attention to this little beauty:

This thrift store gem only cost $30 and when I bought it almost 3 years ago, I thought I would have it for about 6 months and replace it with something taller, more interesting and, well, just better.  The only thing is, I haven't found anything that fit those criteria and my budget.  So, here it sits-on the side wall of my dining room. 

Because it's in my dining room, you would probably be thinking that it holds linens or china or maybe fancy dishes we only use at Christmas or Arbor Day-but, you would be wrong!  It holds every art supply and assorted piece of junk my children can collect until I force them to purge and get rid of at least some of it.  In fact, when I emptied it to get started on the refinishing, my son saw the bag that held the contents of just the top drawer and said "MOM!  what did you buy us???" 

Here's the progress so far:

I am quite pleased with the new look.  I bought the hardware and the legs at Lowe's and they were so simple to attach.  I just positioned the metal base at each corner of the bottom of the cabinet and screwed them in.  The, the legs just screw into the hardware.  Luckily, my husband helped with the jigsaw to cut off the front legs.  The back ones were attached with a peg and a few screws.   

Because I just happen to have a few gallons of "oops" paint lying around, I am thinking of painting it black with maybe distressed pale green over it.  But, I am not so sure.  I am sure, however, that I will get that kids out of the left cabinet before I paint it-or it could get messy!

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Kat said...

I like the change!