Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The kitchen is finished!

It was tough work, but my kitchen is finally finished-here it is:

Wait, what?  That's not my kitchen.  What?  Oh, right, it's summer vacation and I have three kids-I nearly forgot.  Now, I remember-that is a photo from a magazine...ohh.... it's all coming back to me now. 

In real, wide awake life, we are all about summer break with the wet towels, wet bathing suits and coolers full of all kinds of sticky messes that trips to the pool inevitably bring.  We survived the crazy hot weather of last week, my oldest child turned 13 over the weekend (!!!!!!) and we are getting ready for camp this week. 

We have done several things on our summer list and I have read a few books already-some I loved, others I barely dragged myself through just so they wouldn't beat me (I am talking to you, Life of Pi).   I guess the kitchen, my actual kitchen, can wait till fall-but I do love the one in that photo. 

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