Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mid summer morning- a few things

I have no energy left-between the hot days  (thankfully spent mostly in the pool) and the window-unit a/c frozen nights, I am tired.  This has been one long, hot summer so far and we still have about 1/2 of it left.  So, here are my 10 summer things (because paragraphs seem like too much of a challenge today)

1.  My legs are tan for the first time in years!  Thanks to my children for getting older and being good swimmers, I am working on sitting by the pool and reading and I think I have perfected it! 

2.  We have not done one improvement/painting/updating project in weeks-honestly we barely have the energy for lawn maintanence in this heat!

3.  I finally finished the Life of Pi and have rarely been so happy to see the last page of a book.  Sorry to anyone who liked it-I detested it from beginning to end.

4.  I have read, since finishing that book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, Firefly Lane and The Reliable Wife, all of which I liked infinitely more than that other book that two me almost 2 weeks to read. 

5.  I am now the mother of a teenager!

The next few weeks are jam-packed.  First up, is our Facacation (note my clever combination of "fake" and "vacation") and then Vacation Bible School, and then we have family visiting from California.  After all that is over, there will only be 2 weeks left of summer break-not sure how that happened. 

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