Monday, May 24, 2010

cupcake love

My oldest daughter was confirmed this weekend.  True to form, we threw a huge party, with everyone we know and had tons of food, lots to drink and some super-cute-time-consuming-but-totally-worth-it cupcakes!  We had to pick a symbol to represent her for confirmation and we chose the sunflower because it has heliotropism.  That fancy biology word means that sunflowers follow the sun-always looking forward and into the light, which we thought was just perfect for this independent and courageous girl of ours.

The bonus was that sunflowers are crazy gorgeous and I got to decorate my house with them:

We also used some paper flowers that I got on clearance at Michaels a while back (thank you Martha Stewart for this little project).  And, thanks to Target, I scored all the cute paper products and cute little paper balls for cheap:
And then, there were these little goodies that grew in my refrigerator (right next to the Mike's if you notice)

Oh, for cute's sake, these were adorable!  As I mentioned before, totally worth the time it took to make them.  And, really so easy.  With a few lessons in piping from my talented sister-in-law and a little trial and error, these weren't too hard to make.  It's just an oreo cookie and some canned frosting on top of a cupcake from a mix!  so cute-here' a close-up:

And, strangely, the light in the refrigerator is good for taking pictures-I will have to remember that.  I wanted to take more shots of these because they are so crazy cute, but I decorated them at night and then we were short on time yesterday before the party.  I really didn't want to greet my guests by saying, hold on-just one more close up of this really cute cupcake! 


ciosciammocca said...

Wow, great job those cupcakes are amazing!

T Harrington said...

How totally cute!

rosie said...

Thanks so much! They were fun to make, and disappeared way too quickly for how long they took!

Heidi said...

Wow! Those cupcakes are awesome! Well done!

rosie said...

thank you! they were actually a bit easier than I had anticipated, they just took a long time to make