Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Any guesses what this might be?

I have this vague memory of a show, a game show, I guess, from when I was a kid.  The host would show people (maybe they were celebrities or somehow famous) an item and they would have to tell the contestant what the item was.  The obscure item would be pretty much unrecognizable, and the contestant would have to decide which story to believe about the item in question.  Like I said, it is a vague memory at best-probably something I watched with my grandmother, who also loved The Price is Right.

So, can you guess the use for this? 

Sorry to say there is no prize for getting it right, and no celebrity guest star, but if you also remember that show, you will have my undying gratitude!  I will be back soon with the answer to this and a few other questions I have gotten this week, as well as the Oreo truffle recipe! 


Andi said...

It's a bee catcher! :) They fly in but they don't fly out!! Bwahahahaaaaaa.....channeling a 1980's Roach Motel commercial. Man, do I need to get a life. :)

Lisa said...

I won't guess, since I think you already told me :), but I think is was the Price is Right. Rachael Ray does that sometimes, too.