Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The summer is shaping up nicely around here

My kids can swim-all of them.  Even my youngest already passed the swim test and got his bracelet and can go down the 150 foot water slide at our local YMCA pool!  He actually did that last year, but I wasn't quite as confident in his swimming then.  If you have been home in the summer with your kids, you just might know where I am going with this.  Basically, I can read at the pool!  Books, actual books!! Last year, I was bold enough to bring magazines, but this year, I am reading books at the pool.  After years of swim diapers, baby pools, standing in the cold water and getting splashed and trying to manage 3 kids with different swimming abilities-I can read at the pool.  Of course, I will still swim with them, but the cold hard truth is that I don't have to!  This seems to be one of the milestones I don't have mixed feelings about-I am thrilled!

So, enter my own reading list.  I have gathered, from friends, the church library and the used bookstore, a good start to my reading for the summer.  A few were recommended by friends, one I don't want to read but all my book sites keep suggesting it and another I picked solely because I liked the cover art.  I won't divulge which is which among the books.  Oh, and one other is by a very favorite author, so I hope reading that one will be like visiting an old friend. 

Happy (almost) summer!


Korky's Mom said...

Ohhh...you will have to let me know how you like Gods in Alabama.

Heidi said...

I envy your time at the pool not having to be ever vigilant and wet. :) I know my time will come, but for this year, I will just wish I could be you. ;)

rosie said...

I think I will write a review for each book-that will be fun because I sort of miss writing book reports (can you tell I was an English major?)

rosie said...

Heidi-it's hard to believe, but you will get there! and it will be great!