Monday, June 21, 2010

A Quickie

You know those projects that kind of sneer at you from the corner, taunting you, almost daring you to complete them.  You know the type-the ones that really will only take a half hour or so to complete if, and it's a big, gigantic (if )you just took the time to do them, and had the necessary supplies on hand.  One of those projects has been staring at me for about 3 years.  It was shortly after we moved into this house that I decided to use a pillowcase to camoflauge the ugly and stained cushion on this chair that I got from my mother's house (thanks mom!). 

It's brilliant, right?  I mean-you can't really tell that it's a pillowcase-not even when you see the bunch of fabric hanging off the side of the chair.  Granted, it did cover the off white cushion which was stained and overall in need of help, but still-a pillowcase?  Not my best work. 

Last week, I was determined to get this chair off my back and finished once and for all.  So, after cleaning the local grocery outlet nearly completely out of snack food, we also went to the fabric outlet where I snagged a couple of remnants-one of which was destined for this chair.  I went to work, ripping off the old beige fabric, only to uncover this 70's gem:

If you look closely, you can see that the red velvet has nearly turned to dust and there are little red velvet particles all over my floor.  Don't look too closely, though because there is also regular dust on my floor.  I ripped through the velvet:

To find the foam underneath lacking in a little support and comfort.  After getting all the velvet and staples out, it looked like this:

Okay, maybe I didn't get out all the staples, but close enough.  I added a little batting to give it a little more softness:

Then, covered it in my cheap fabric remnant, so it looks like this now:

Not too shabby, for an old chair.  And it only took about an hour or so (well 3 years plus an hour or so) to complete. And now the chair won't be giving me the evil eye every time I walk by.

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The Valentine's said...

Awesome Rosie, love it! What a beautiful chair.